Internet Cables

Internet Services for Government

and Businesses

Kinwapt Cable Inc offers extensive fiber internet services and cable TV support and installation services in the Cree Nation of Chisasibi Community in James Bay. We provide commercial fiber optic internet for local government and businesses, and we will soon launch fiber internet services for residential clients.

Business Specialization

At Kinwapt Cable Inc, we are dedicated to offering the most reliable cable tv installation services. Our comprehensive facilities include cable TV Services with over 114 channels, including local community content and set-top box. We provide installation and ensure comfortable use of the services.


Extensive Internet Services

Kinwapt Cable Inc offers fiber internet services, including a cable, modem, and professional installation with Up to 20MBPS. We work extremely hard every day to ensure great services, and as a result, many community members have reported up to 50MPBS in their homes.